What to wear and bring

All meals and nappies for the day are supplied by the Centre.

Dress your child in play cloths that enable uninhibited play and that can be easily managed by your child. Children should be dressed according to climate. For example, light cotton clothing that will provide protection from the sun and sandals are best in summer (not thongs please). In cooler months, warmer clothing layers that can be taken off as the day warms up, with shoes and socks, are the most appropriate.

A hat (preferably LEGIONNAIRE or BROADBRIM) needs to be brought and worn throughout the year. Where no hat is brought a PLAY IN IN THE SHADE policy is enforced. Children have the opportunity to play outside between 10am and 3pm in shaded areas for programmed activities to ensure sun safety.

Extra items for babies (0-15 months):

Parents of toddlers and babies need to bring the following items in a bag…
– Bottles
– 2 complete sets of spare clothes
– Sheets for the cot
– Any item your child is attached to (like a dummy or teddy bear etc.)

Extra items for children (15 months-5 years)

Parents of toddlers and babies need to bring the following items in a bag…
– Drink bottle
– Sheets (blanket in cooler months) in a material bag or pillowcasea
– Spare clothes (especially if toilet training, as we may need several pairs of underpants)

Please ensure all items brought to the Centre are clearly labeled/marked. Whilst all care is taken we will not accept liability for loss or damage.

Arriving and Departing

It is important that you make contact with the educator in charge to let us know your child has arrived or is departing for the day. A responsible adult known to the staff must bring your child into the Centre. Only parents, guardians and authorized persons nominated on your enrolment form are allowed to collect your child from the Centre. Photo identification will be required by an authorized nominee unknown to our Centre staff. Please notify the Centre Director in writing of any changes regarding the adult who is collecting your child.. If your child is not collected from the Centre and we are unable to contact you we will contact the authorized persons on your child’s enrolment form.

Staff are always concerned about your child’s welfare, so if you are aware of any impending absence please keep them informed.


Your child’s safety is important to us. Therefore it is essential for you assist us in keeping our Centre safe and secure at all times. Please securely close all gates and doors behind you as you enter and exit the building, rooms and playgrounds. Care should be taken when using the car park and driveways.

Please ensure the following items are removed from your child’s bag and either taken home or handed to an Educator:
– Medications
– Creams
– Sharps (including hypodermic needles)
– Plastic bags
– Rubber bands, hair clips, safety pins, jewelry
– Any other item that could cause harm to a child

Centre policies on safety precautions are continually re-enforced by staff and children. Such practices include the storage of chemicals in locked cupboards, checking the safety of the sandpits and outdoor equipment. Children are taught awareness of their personal safety, for example, we walk inside, do not throw the equipment, and keep sand in the sand pit.